Monday, July 23, 2012

Rose Petal Christmas Tree

Ok, so I know it might be a bit early for christmas decor already! I actually did this last christmas and I love how it turned out. My hubby brought home a ton of fake flowers from someone he had helped move. I loved that I had all these flowers but they didn't match anything in my house, so I tucked them aside for a rainy day. My sister and I wanted to make some of those adorable christmas trees we had seen on so many blogs but didn't know what to use.
Then my sister got the brilliant idea to use these old flowers! Of course we didn't care for the bright/fading red color so she decided to hand paint the petals! Ambitious right? But it turned out so great! Take a look!

 We made a cone, using cardstock for the tree shape. Because we wanted a larger tree, we just wrapped the paper around itself until we got it to the right shape. Then we trimmed the excess paper on the bottom so it would sit flat.
We cut all the petal clusters so that we had a bunch of individual petals.

Then, to be really picky, we sorted the petals by size. We used the large petals for the bottom and got progressively smaller as we reached the top.

We would put a dab of hot glue and attach the petals. Be sure to overlap so that the tree looks more full!

Last of all, we made a cone shape out of a large petal for the top!

Here is the finished product!

My mom also made one but used the leaves instead of flower petals! It turned out very cute and had more of a traditional christmas tree look! I am looking forward to making more this christmas. Any suggestions of what materials I should use this time?


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  1. It was pretty fun making these decorations! I used my tree with my Nativity! Looked cute!