Thursday, July 26, 2012

My favorite tool? - Spray Paint

Recently I have discovered a new love in my life...Spray paint! Seriously, this stuff can work miracles! If you haven't used it yet, I highly recommend trying it! I can almost guarantee you will fall in love! Anyway, the reason I love it is because everyone knows that paint can breathe new life into anything, but spray paint makes it so quick and easy! Here are a few things that I gave a quick spritz and now they are some of my favorite pieces!

I found this little guy at Ross for $5! I wasn't fond of the color so I gave it a coat of Rust-oleum satin finish Ivory Silk! And now....

It's perfect for my kitchen!

I was on Pinterest the other day and I saw a ton of painted glass vases and thought I would give it a go...with a twist! Like the fleur de lis vases I did, I rummaged through the "trash pile" from our renovations and saw these glass pieces on a nasty old ceiling fan! A little Ivory Silk paint and Presto!....

Now they are all set for their new life as a vase! I have also put a candle in them and they have such a beautiful glow to them! So whatever I need them for, they are good to go!

So I desperately needed to add flowers to my kitchen/dining area but with the price of flowers these days, I couldn't do an arrangement the size I wanted. I went my stash of roses. (My hubby helped some friends move and brought home a huge bag of flowers that they were getting rid of) As you can see on the left, these flowers were fading, tomato red! Not exactly what I was going for! I got the idea to paint them, like I had done before in my Rose Petal Christmas Tree project. But hand painting was not an option! So with a can of Rust-oleum satin finish Claret Wine spray paint, I set out on an adventure! I HIGHLY recommend wearing a glove when spray painting flowers...also singing the Alice in Wonderland song "Painting the Roses Red" helps pass the time! While those were drying, I painted an old basket with black spray paint! Then when everything was done drying I got some Styrofoam blocks in the basket and started poking the flowers in! Voila!

Now I finally have flowers that are the right color!!

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