Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Fleur De Lis Vases

Ok guys! So lately we have been doing a ton of renovations on our house. In the process we have created a lot of waste by just throwing out the old, so I thought I would go through the "trash pile" and see what I could salvage! I saw an old light fixture that used to be in one of the bedrooms but, because we did not like the fixture, we replaced it! Here is a picture of the light fixture!

Please ignore my goofy face! My dad caught this candid moment of me in complete awe of this light! And yes when we bought the house, it was missing a piece of glass from the fixture!

Anyway, I saw the metal pieces and wondered if I could somehow turn them into a vase! With the help of my younger sister, we demolished the light fixture and finally got our hands on the metal!

Then I had to hot glue the base to the top.

Here is where I got ambitious! I decided to free hand a fleur de lis on each of the vases! And because I didn't think I could duplicate the same one for all three, I did three different styles of fleur de lis! I just used a pencil to draw on the design.

Then, I used an idea I saw on pinterest! The pinner had used hot glue to make the design pop off of the vase and then spray painted over all of it! Well...I don't have the most stable hand with a hot glue gun so I thought puffy paint would have the same look! It was so easy to work with! While I was drawing on the fleur de lis, my sister went through and outlined them with puffy paint! Take a look!

We did this for all three, and then I even added a second layer to it so that it would stand out even more! We let them dry overnight and then did a quick coat of Rust-oleum silver metallic finish pray paint! I almost cried tears of joy when I saw the finished product!

And here they are!! I couldn't be happier with the results! And the best part is, I used stuff I already had on hand to do it all!! For me, these are always the most rewarding projects!!


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  1. Very nice!! I'm impressed! You did an awesome job sweetheart!