Wednesday, July 25, 2012

DIY Dry Erase Board

So I'm sure most of you have seen this idea before, but I thought I would share anyway! I got a great frame from Goodwill for $2. The only was hunter green. But thanks to my new found addiction to spray paint, I quickly changed that. I did a quick coat of Rust-oleum satin finish black paint and BAM I had a whole new frame! Then I cut some scrapbook paper (I chose a neutral color and a subtle pattern so that the board could be as versatile as possible)! Then grab a marker and get to writing!!

Growing up, we always had a dry erase grocery list in the kitchen. As we noticed that we were almost out of something, then we would add it to the list. This made my mom's life so much easier when it came time to shop!

Change it up for any occasion like birthdays, celebrations, holidays, etc.

Write out a menu for the week!

I didn't write anything on the actual paper so my board is entirely dry erase. If you only wanted it for groceries, you could print the word "Groceries" on the top and maybe put in a few bullets for a more permanent solution. Likewise, if you wanted it just for menu planning, you could print "Menu" and each day of the week on the actual paper so you wouldn't have to re-write it each time! Enjoy!


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